Passenger Types in Flight Booking

If you are booking an air ticket with passengers of different age levels and children; It is essential that you select correct passenger type to get accurate discounts and avoid any problems. There are three general passenger types (adult, child and infant) which are explained here.

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Adult Passenger

All passengers having age of 12 years and above are considered as adult passenger and should pay standard adult fare on air ticket.

Child Passenger

Passengers having age between 2 year and 12 years are considered child passengers. Please note that a passenger will be considered child if their travel is at least one day before their 12th birthday. For example, a passenger who is born on 15th Feb, 2010 and have their flight on 15th Feb, 2022 (on the day of their 12th birthday), will be charged adult fare.

Infant Passenger

From birth till one day before their 2nd birthday, a minor is considered infant. Infants do not get a seat on airplane but travel with an adult (in adult's lap). Similarly as explained in child passenger's example, if an minor is traveling on the day of their 2nd birthday, they must be considered as child and a seat must be booked and child fare must be charged.

Are there more passenger types?

Yes! in some countries, there are more (exceptional cases) passenger types for example young passengers (somewhere between 12 and 16 years). But in Pakistan travel market, such discounts are rarely seen and discounts and fares are calculated as per above mentioned three base levels.

Now that you have all required information related to passenger types, you can go and Book a flight.

Last Modified on 03 Jul, 2021 — Pakistan Time
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