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Refund Policy

Following document provides general terms and conditions related to refunds for all products and services booked through our website.

Air Tickets

All airlines have their own refund policy which may change according to desitnation, travel class and even the day of departure. Please refer to refund policy at the time of booking your ticket on our website. If a ticket is refundable, the refund may take up to 45 working days depending on the airline.

Visas & Travel Insurance

All visa fees are non-refundable even in case of visa rejection.


Refund policy is mentioned at the time of hotel booking. Most hotel bookings are non-refundable. If your hotel booking is refundable, the minimum processing time is 45 working days.

All Other Products

The refund policy is mentioned with each product at the time of booking. If there is no refund policy mentioned, it must be considered as non-refundable.

Refund Mode of Payment

If paid through cash or bank transfer, if there is a refund due, the refund amount is paid through bank transfer. For payments through credit/debit cards, the refund is paid to the credit/debit card.

Processing Time

Refund processing time is mentioned with each product type above.

Service Fees

We charge a service fee with every refund processing. This service fee is charged on top of applicable fee deducted by airline, vendor, supplier or service provider.

For Questions

For more questions related to refunds and the policy, please contact our customer support


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