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Free 48 Hours Transit Visa with Etihad Airways Tickets

From 01 Jan, 2023

Valid till 30 Sep, 2023

This offer was valid up to 30 Sep, 2023 only and has been expired

Passengers traveling from Pakistan on Etihad Airways and having a transit in Abu Dhabi of 8 to 48 hours may be eligible for a Free 48 hours UAE transit visa from Etihad Airways. Passengers must be traveling onward to a third country.

Abu Dhabi City Etihad Airways

Eligibility for Free 48 Hours UAE Visa by Etihad Airways

  • Passengers having a transit of between 8 hours and 48 hours in Abu Dhabi and traveling onward to a third country
  • Must be traveling on Etihad operated flights on an Etihad Airways ticket number starting from 607

Requirements to Apply Visa

  • Completed application form (online on etihad.com)
  • 6x6 cm photograph in colour (minimum of 600x600 pixels) with a white background. At least 80% of your face should be visible
  • Colour copy of your passport showing your full name, nationality, date and place of birth, passport number, date of issue and expiry, name of father / legal guardian, and the name of your mother
  • Valid passport with at least six months validity at the time of travel
  • Confirmed ticket travelling into Abu Dhabi Airport and onwards from Abu Dhabi to a third destination


For children, you must also submit a birth certificate for your child, in English or Arabic. Translated documents should be attested on the front page.


Dependents are defined as a spouse, children below the age of 18 and parents above the age of 60. You must submit supporting documents that prove the status of the relationship, for example, marriage certificate or birth certificate.

Minors (under 18 years old)

For minors, including married females under the age of 18:

  • Photo ID of parents or husband is required
  • Copy of one of the parents’ tourist visa sponsored by Etihad Airways
  • Etihad Airways reserves the rights for sponsorship
  • Etihad Airways will not sponsor unaccompanied minors and students
  • Females under the age of 18 or students must travel with their parents
  • Only machine-readable passports will be accepted (handwritten passports will not be accepted)

Additional documents

Depending on your nationality, you may be requested to provide additional documents in support of their visa application. If these documents cannot be provided, the visa application may be rejected. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Etihad Airways reserves the rights to withdraw this promotional offer at any time without notice
  • Tickets to certain destinations may not be eligible for this offer
  • Visa processing takes 3 to 5 working days. Apply your visa well in time

Successfully Completed!