Download: Customs Declaration Form - Mandatory for Travel from Pakistan

Pakistan Custom Declaration Form Download

With immediate effect Government of Pakistan has made it mandatory for all passenger traveling from Pakistan to complete the Customs Declaration Form. The purpose of Customs Declaration Form is to declare the foreign currency a passenger is taking out of Pakistan with them.

Custom Declaration Form Pakistan

Latest update 22 Sep 2022: Custom declaration form is only required for following passengers.

  • For passengers coming to Pakistan and having foreign currency of value USD 10,000 and more.
  • For passengers departing from Pakistan and having foreign currency of value USD 5,000 and more

Customs Declaration Form for Departure from Pakistan

The form should be filled online, printed and kept with you at the time of departure. Hard copies of submitted form can be presented at the designated customs counter in the airport terminal. Boarding passes will be issued to the passengers only after the submission of the declaration form.

Required Informations

The passengers are required to provide following information in declaration form:

  • Basic personal detail including passport number, date of birth and contact number
  • Your flight information including flight number, date and departure time
  • Destination including your purpose of visit to destination
  • Detail of any jewellery or precious items you are carrying
  • Detail of foreign currency your are carrying including the name and receipt of the currency exchange dealer from where you have made the currency conversion

Currency Limits for International Departure from Pakistan

As per current applicable rules, passengers from Pakistan can take foreign currency as per following limits. This rate may change in future, please see latest updates for any amendments.

Age Group of Person Maximum Limit per person per visit
(US$ or equivalent in other foreign currencies)
Annual Ceiling per person
(US$ or equivalent in other foreign currencies)
Up to 5 years 1,000 6,000
From 5-18 years 5,000 30,000
Above 18 years 10,000 60,000


Last Modified on 22 Sep, 2022 — Pakistan Time
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